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OEM China Handheld Inkjet Machines Printer - 25mm small industrial TIJ hand coding inkjet printer – huakehengrun

The handheld printer can print text, pictures, two-dimensional codes, barcodes and other variable data. With battery, it is convenient and can be used anytime and anywhere. The ink color can be multiple colors, and the ink cartridge color can be changed at any time. The nozzle is not easy to block Mini Inkjet Printer Machine can print on plastic, glass, metal, paper, wood, etc., with strong adhesion, clear and bright colors; currently used in chemicals, building materials, electronics, auto parts, food, beverages, daily chemicals, medicine, rubber, and postal services. Carton packaging and other industries are being widely used TIJ Portable inkjet printer have become more flexible and can be converted into an online machine for inkjet printing in a few simple steps
Model HAE-254A1  HAE-254A2
Display 4.3” Touch Screen 4.3” Touch Screen
Print Height 2mm—25.4mm
Print Lines  1- 10 lines
Print Content Text,logo,date/time,expiry date ,shift code,series number, Fixed bar code & barcode , batch /Lot number, counter Text,logo,date/time,expiry date ,shift code,series number,varaible bar code & barcode , batch /Lot number, ,counter
Printing Resolution 600 DPI
Cartridge 1pcs 25.4mm imported ink cartridge
Ink Consumption 42ml/pcs, can print character “a” in 2mm about 20,000,000 pcs
Message Storage Capacity Store up to 1000 messages with SD car
Ink Colors Black,red,blue,yellow,green , white
Print Speed Depends on operator
Weight 1.3 Kg-exclude cartridge and battery( Handheld type )
Handhed inkjet printer Features • Easily edit on touch screen LED display • Can print different content like qr code, bar code, time, date , number logo etc. • Easy operation • High Printing resolution Handheld inkjet printer Application Can used in different industrial on glass, plastic, metal, paper etc. material