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Factory supplied Low Profile Belt Conveyor - Bags Bottle Can Continuous Industrial CIJ inkjet Printer – huakehengrun

The small character continuous inkjet printer nozzle is also a non-contact coding and marking equipment, which does not need to be in contact with the product, and can also complete the printing work without damaging the surface of the printed packaging. CIJ inkjet printers can print up to 300 meters per minute in a single line. Taking mineral water bottles and beverage bottles as an example, the printing speed of small characters can reach about 1,000 bottles per minute.
Item HAE-4000 inkjet coder
Print Speed 225M per minute (675 feet per minute)
Print Dots 5x 5; 5x7; 7x 9; 10x 16;12x 16; 16x24; 12x 12; 16x 16
Operating interface Language Russian,Portuguese,Spainish, Italian, English Chinese
Character set Chinese, English, Roman number, pattern and other language
Printing material Metal, plastic, glass, woode, tubing, electrical wire, cable, tyre etc
Printing heights 1-15mm
Nozzle Connection Tube 2.5M
Consumption of Ink 70 millions character per litre
Extral Ports USB connector: alarm tower connector;  NPN product detector connector
Four PG7 connectors; connecting product sensor; encoder; or positive air assy
Telecommunication ports: coonecting to other inkjet printer, computer or IPC
Nozzle 66um - Standard machine
Operating Environment 5-45 Degree, below 90%(humidity)
Ink color black, blue, red white or other colors
Dimensions 54.6x 21.5x 37cm
Weight 30kg
LED display 32x24cm
Power 110-230VAC, 50/60HZ, 100W
Printing head 4.5 x4.5 x 21cm