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Cheapest Price Inkjet Batch Code Printer - Variable QR code Bar code high speed TIJ inkjet printer machine – huakehengrun

HAE-M2200 supports 1-8 print heads, and a single print head reaches 22 mm, which is very suitable for ultra-high-speed carton printing equipment. M22 can print variable QR codes and support real-time data transmission. A single print head can support up to 5 ink tanks, and the ink supply system ensures uninterrupted continuous printing and reduces costs to 25%.
Model M22 Inkjet Printer series
Printing Height M22-1  1*22mm
M22-2  2*22mm
M22-3  3*22mm
M22-4  4*22mm
Printing Speed 300m/M @ 1200x 300dpi
Printing resolution 1200x 300/360/380/400/450/600/1200dpi
Communication Interface USB, RJ45, sensor, Synchronizer
Printing Content Time, date, number, logo, text, bar code, qr code etc.
Using Power 120W
Voltage AC110-240V